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by Codependents

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Intro 01:36
Pieces 05:15
JJ: Now I don’t even talk to you every now and again. It’s not so much of being alone Its deeper in the end. See I Lost a friend burning the memories. Still you seem to be somehow the fucking cancer of my dreams. The dancer to a beat tearing my heart from me. How can we be so fragile? But so naïve. Now a, rose grown in concrete, can’t really be alive so, How are you still breathing? Between your teeth, sliding lies. No more pillow talk, good night Fighting just to hate fuck. It’s all alright well, At least that’s what we’d make up. Seasons change us years can, Weather the soul. Losing people that we love, Spinning out of our control. A proper noun to fill that hole being told You’re really something. Don’t try to love me, I’m broken and I’m ugly. There’s no god above me With these angels wrecking lives. Or maybe I’m The Who to blame for hiding behind these blue eyes, now? Foreshadow: We don't see each other, the way we used to And honestly that's just something I'm not used to I know you're bruised baby girl, my hearts bruised too I guess I played a tune that you really couldn't groove to. I would go all in, but i've lost it all I just wanted the ins, on what it cost to call Toll free she told me that the cost was small So I would climb to her peaks, now watch me fall I'm a masochist, go on slash my wrist And whisper to me that you love me 'til the blackness hits I like lucid love, and loving lucidly And writing it all down on some loose leaf I find the lies between the lines of the true things And see the beauty in the ugly of my mood swings Truth hurts because the pain is what the truth brings And truthfully your lies are what makes this life soothing Keenote: I stopped my yawn for fear of dawn missing I'd buy for you, my dear, a whole a pharmacy A lot can change in the long run so we'd Take our shoes off and fall asleep Wasn't till after the bars we'd speak A couple tough actors in the barber seat It was shear enjoyment when the time was free Silently I would brew on the few that cut back I flew the coup. It wasn't you It was you, the booze, and blunt wraps Shredded those love raps I don't attach Cancerous type behavior I'm about one prayer Away from being damned Cause someone was anger Fake or not, fuck it. Come down and meet the maker I'm nested in the manger ducking danger Suck your savior I'll be doing better if you don't come up for air I saved my life for late now there's no room for error
Snow 04:20
Keenote: Time takes money Life's clockwise Counted down my dollars till my seconds were denied Oliver (I love her), that was the twist A DIY cover of a popular hit Third eye ocular dominance is a delicate accomplishment I relish in the constant bliss But jealous ones want me off the trip Between the drool and faucet drips I'd be a fool to fall in it My arms aren't shit. My rule of thumb Pop it in and call it quits I sit in my squalor Wish I had a parlor and a butler who pours um tall and thick Jack Torrence taught me all of this Family is a constant hiss I got work to do. I'll hurt the fool that interrupts my shift Into blood. In a crypt Dull or not that shiv will stick Chivalry is flourishing but I'm a chauvinist With more to risk my motor clicks and sputters My chapped lips mutter The fucking art ripped my soul to bits. Foreshadow: I've hit rock bottom more than once and never bounced back But found myself some freedom in the bottom of this ounce sack Life is funny but laughings the best medicine So smile when you can and when you can't you can pretend to You've got it all together everything's perfect And she's so beautiful commitments so worth it When deep down you die to know what tomorrow brings And sleep sound when it's not your time that you're borrowing And fly freely with this pair of broken borrowed wings They won't take you as for as you want to go though Passing out to wake up and feel the sorrow sting I know you feel like giving up and thats a no-no Even when this battle called life feels like it's so-so It's oh so important to go forth on most roads Stop signs never kept me from my point b If you have the right way that direction you should point, me JJ: Right place wrong time draws the storyline to my life. Adorable when you’re fighting for a breath that won’t come life Surface, belly up. Don’t be nervous, it’s [life] perfect. Vulnerability is serving a dish Without any concern for us. Distance keeps a burn in us Resistance, keep consistency. Pissed off people learn to love. Existence is what’s keeping me Churning in the acid butterfly’s absence keeps me hungry Nothing now in my stomach The whiskey wishing some things Would be the same, but change is truly beautiful chaos. Nothing remains un-changed If you’re growing it just takes patience. Flowing along with a cadence Nameless. Brain on stupid. Caught in makeshift-famous State of REM dreaming lucidly. I see things aren’t the way they used to be but, That’s nothing new to me. With this pair of broken wings Teaching myself, once again, how to fly. There isn’t anything I can’t handle, but I’ll risk dying to try life.
Keenote: Liquid religion. My mood needed a rinsing Doomed by the system that they made inside my brain Liquid religion. Dripping on a fifth one Tripping like a victim who doesn't know his own name JJ: Speak your mind, but fill it full. Knowledge over gold. Sitting in these clouds thinking, “How could I ever get so low?” No you probably didn’t know The me that I used to be a time ago. Thankfully a little dose was really All that story wrote. Now my third eye’s potent To the motion we all call life. Why blur my emotions? Shit all the words won’t come out right See? Love isn’t evil it’s more so feeble in a certain light. So cut me to the bone Until I’m more used to feeling alive. I got the drive not stuck in neutral. Living Kama Sutra. Comfortable with my flaws, and all the flaws you knew before. Gimme the go Setting my goals to sway with the way of the river. Living life in the “pause” without cause, labeled me a thinker. A manic depressed drinker. Foreshadow: I pull my hoodie right up over my head Strap a pair of Air Jordan's at the end of my legs Now I'm stepping on the competition, yeah thats the mission Now I'm shitting on the opposition, that's my position So we hit em with a little bit of Ungh! And we shining motherfucker like the sun And we never been in second so we think for a second Like damn motherfucker we the ones, boy You couldn't step to us if you wanted to so miss the stairs And if you looking for ecstasy we can get you there So codependent, independent at the same time We so offensive when we offend all of your lame rhymes These four dudes but it feels like we got the same mind We fucked the game up cause we played rough when it came time
Little Help 04:29
JJ: Woke up here all alone In a state that I can’t describe. Bleeding, out of my eyes Stuck in a blank space That don’t account for time. As I dine and wine down With this Perfect little Medicine. Taking off an edge that doesn’t seem to me To be finally compressed. Obsessed? Just a little And that sadistic giggle gon’ make me smile. Hang on so gentle I’m more sentimental now than vile. As I ran a mile in your shoes I could feel the blisters. Diminished figure off that liquor Killing myself even quicker. Just not as fast as she imagined. They say I’m damaged I say it’s extra baggage. Habits of burning cabbage until I vanish Or I fucking choke. Playing life for a joke. Now I haven’t been too on the giving side Of a fuck that you’ve applied for me To abide by in a cry or die right mentality. Undoubtedly speaking irrationally. My habits no longer make me. My conscience finally breaking me Down, down, down. So I drive slow attracting chaos. A day off from mine [life] Might be the day my mind decides to die. Die die die die. Foreshadow: I fell from the sky and broke every limb on the way down So I’m stuck inside motherfucking hell on earth Until rebirth its where I stay now So how bout you believe that I hate smiles but I praise frowns My head hangs down a lot lately now like the angel of death So I claim that crown, like how Not in it for the money so I find it kinda funny that I stay - here Got a lotta problems but i can’t really solve em So I find my self caught up in some Day - beers Oddities that follow me can never be forgotten My outsides beautiful, my insides rotten I’m at it morning or my brain stays snoring Can’t seem to corner all the habits that I’m caught in Got em You can bet your life that I own it, I live life in the moment Now i’m standing on top of the game like where the fuck my next opponent And I made it out the bullshit, my flow resembles full clips With an automatic fire and a will to be a killer You can bet your ass I’m the culprit And I’m proud,(yeah) I got 12 packs of that LOUD Try to bring me back down to earth Imma kick you off of my cloud And watch you fall down like rain Ain’t nothing stay the same If there is one thing guaranteed inside your life it’s the change Keenote: Who's to say who they choose to take I'll rue the day that they lose their faith In the mood to break in and loot the place Church give up the collection plate Learning ways to remove the weight of life Or lack there of With that insight I intend to write my bible with your blood With some verses that you can't recite Live at heights where you can't reach up Every time you reach out you get the blade And then you get the cut You bleed for eighty years and then your sins have all stacked up I'll audit you in front of my peers to see who you've become Be gone. Begotten rotten Stinking, numb I think he's done a lot of good But damning him would mean I won Indeed I need to read on how the Hell could manage him I've landed in a position to kill off y'all so run Resurrected like a dead kid headed to school with guns The news is used for fun They edit and play reruns I let it convince each one To never call a medic If you bled I'll be drinking some Never intended to never regret it If I hadn't had killed for the right reason I'm godly like the Son Godly like no one.
Flu Game 02:46
JJ: I’m so sick wit it. Melting faces watching them shape shift. Had a heart in a million pieces Only use it if I need fixed. Rude releasing demons In this songlike form, but refuse to be a Jesus Of what you consider normalcy. Now we’ll see once the storm Lets up enough to see. What’s been right in front of your face And what’s been hiding underneath. The thin line between reality and what you believe. One that I tend to consume that’ll keep me stuck In the middle of each. Heart pulsating to the beat. Eyes fixated on the loose leaf. Collecting all the thoughts that My blank mind loosens free. Polishing up these rhymes With their different schemes. To keep it relevant while developing a new scene. Now the booze brings me nothing. It just coats these insecurities. So I’m drinking til’ the day ends Writing, it is so endearing, huh? Lovely lover boy loving love Until it killed him loveless. So really what is love If the loveless isn’t dying, cousin? Foreshadow: I'm an artist, surprise! IF you couldn't see Was a father to an artist who's real father really couldn't be Often caught up in a world full of whirlwinds Still standing still as it tilts and the world spins I'm off my axis, my life has done a backflip Landed on my feet and now it's time to get it cracking' I'm an addict, addicted to this boom bap Slick with the spit when I sip an consume tracks Wearing kicks that could break a few necks though Flu Game 12's on deck when I step slow Making it easy so that you can see my feet Written verses in my dreams because I do this in my sleep Guess I'm set out to be nothing less than great though Contemplated suicide this music was my scapegoat Murder was the crime instead of time, I laid low Lend me your attention spans before I take those Keenote: One part rhythm. One part syndrome Sipping Rex cold sent from the sin zone If Hell is on fire then heaven is windblown The chance I'll get higher is the same as dying in homes I've never been old At least I've never been told I'm too old to booze, smoke, fuck, upchuck, then lend hope Break poems down like tent poles Living life tired That's not what my bed was meant for Put me back to sleep See how my dreams end Seems a sea of meanings can drowned out the meaning Your shallow bitch-fits can't kick it in my deep end Think of existence and what it means to cease it You drink through the week to repeat it through the weekend God bless substance otherwise we couldn't be friends Music a platform My thought can descend A rotten reason I won't stop so pretend.
Hight 05:41
Keenote: This world is a throat grip. This dynasty, dystopic. Ugly coyote getting wily from the coke drip. Finally the hope glimpse is written off as horse shit. Means we're stable with a hard shell. Get it? No you don't, bitch. Faux cliques, hold this While I go take a piss Dip some molly. She blows dick Then back to the party, so slick. Bro-tank spilled four drinks No thanks to hoe-cake They're grinding genitals and teeth Beats me how this culture came to be I'm increasingly more disappointed with free speech I told my friends I need to roll a bat Smoke and sleep Roll out of bed then we Can steal that land they stole from me. Note this, I hold a key. Hopeless, this whole machine. Atonement won't do a thing. You fucked up, fucked us, stole some dreams. Generation disconnect, enough's enough stop holding. Next phone I see is getting fucking pawned for groceries. JJ: Anxieties peak. I’m losing sleep as lions feast on sheep. Dying to keep my head afloat, but somehow It just creeps slowly up on me. Crawling quickly up my spinal chord. All you do is sink, so tell me What the fuck you dying for? I lie and I hoard to drink and snort I am always burning. These are the days of our lives Or slowly we’re learning. As the hand on the clock turns Your candle’s running out. Telling her that he loved her Only seemed to dumb her down. Don’t you hear that sound? That is your mind taking full advantage. Are you with me now? Baby you don’t understand I’m damaged. Karma kisses on my calluses reopening old wounds. Drama pisses on the challenges slamming shut opportunity. Lately, it’s getting a little complicated. Blatantly, I need to piece me back together Before it’s too late and everything that is meant to be Broken and tattered. I’ll make the toast: “Here’s to you, and your happy never after.” Foreshadow: Reach inside myself pull out my heart, pull out my art I pull out a martyr that dies to live to be smarter I am the gift of an artist by being the swiftest and smartest That I can be, I can see that I can be one of the hardest Working people you've probably had the chance to lay your eyes on Chances come and go just like the songs up on your iPod So listen in, this requires more than listening Like feel the energy of all the songs that I've been christening And envision things, come feel the euphoria the vision brings Been on the ground for so long I need something to replace some missing wings And I found it, I found it This dreams the size of a mountain No stopping me from getting what I see, so pop some corn and keep watching I dream more than I really should It's not normal But I think that it's really good I'm feeling formal This lifestyles so suitable and I'm stuck inside the crucible The melting pot can hold a lot as long as the noose can hold
Turned Off 03:02
Keenote: If I should die I'd like to die willingly Whatever willing means. Death's such a silly thing. The only one who doesn't give a fuck what you really think. Holster all your guns. I got your guts to feel me. You'll concuss, the curdling Blood is enough preserving. She saw the way the world works And chose enough's enough hurting. Suction cupped to each other's cuts Cause flirting had no rush If it wasn't crush and kill the thirst. He didn't matter outside his mattress. She liked the match lit. His life was average. Her type's stronger so her life's harder. But we live life longer. We don't rewrite our worst. Live like songbirds. I'm not digging lawn over a wrong turn. JJ: Redundant repetition Readily caught up in a rhythm. Life can be so indifferent. Life can be so unforgiving. I made it a mission to tell my friends I loved and missed them. Kissed her wrist to withstand the pain That’s been resting in my chest. It’s not that we forget we get caught up That’s the difference. Without a moment’s stop to rest We lose sight of those who meant more to us Than friends. I can’t pretend that it don’t effect me Neglecting precious things until we’re Taken by the throat to Kill the King. The art of touching without contact Is next to nothing. I know why you can’t call back I’m still right here waiting for something. An angel sang to me I tried to fix her broken wings. By the time I awoke from my sleep There was nothing there but me. Nothing there but me. Won’t you bring me a dream? Foreshadow: It's death before dishonor but should death be this honored I guess I'm caught up in some karma or some good melodrama Emotionless to say the least with every piece of my heart I should of probably been ceased but I've increased from the start By far I can find my friends in darker places Friends who left the world to see some other old familiar faces I don't blame them I just miss you when you really not around And since your absence I've been falling down But i can't seem to find the ground So I'm lost without you I've been lost without you I can't seem to find meaning to my walk without you I'm not really myself when I'm not without you The only way to help is to talk about you
Laid 03:59
Keenote: I'm a barstool barnacle With sorrows for the bar to kill All floats down to the bottom most days The sun gets further than you thought it could I'm getting dizzy, dark, and comical I think I took a problem pill Rain until that shot is filled, K? Lava licks my hardened throat Been a big shot with the big fish Drinking shit my parents won't I'm a fan of flames that flicker very close Close enough I chose to grab ahold Fused my palm in place I don't know what to say Put up with a lot of pain I'm surprised I called your name I'm a guy who thinks insane Is some type of working brain That I can learn from And yearn for, in turn I did babe But unlike most days where the shit don't phase I get home sick and think That this wasn't a break It was a breach at most, but we fix those things I don't preach but hope, was all she gave Love. JJ: I think I get places pieces where they fit in. Fled from a light leading nowhere Life got caught up as a cynic. Fucking with my id it’s taking over as a new sickness. Diminished critics visions once I give them all of her heart. I think I’m finished. Permission to hit eject if this effect my inner-stress And makes me dream of better days. The weather in head stays raining puddles Always drowning. You’re clowning if you don’t understand Where all the hounds went. The sound leaving your lips Makes me exist in another dimension. The incision under my wrist skin Only proves that I’m alive. Until I die within myself at the Hight Of my destruction. I wish you nothing more than to live, To live again and try. So let it breathe as I kiss the sky. They told me I was too late I responded I didn’t even try to Catch your eyes with my eyes And give you weary knees. You’re my new disease as I breathe to be Foreshadow: It's 10 o'clock in the morning, I just rolled outta bed I slide inside some 1's and then I roll one up for my head The color in my weed, match the color in my 3's Roll another full of trees, I got plenty so we chiefen The sky's the limit we can try and reach it And then collab up in the booth because we need a feature Yeah right I ain't mad though, this pen full of dabs hoe Assholes the label that they gave us cause we act out You other rappers act dope cause your flat broke You sinking to the bottom I'm at the top doing back strokes (wavy) Floating on a dream that I never seem to see But I know that it's there so I keep chasing it My pathetic little being, yeah who I used to be I'll be constantly, upgrading it So don't try fucking with me, unless you fucking with me Or you puffing these trees, we can lay here
AHGTH 04:07
Foreshadow: So lets be honest, the hottest products regardless Of these artists or the martyrs turning thoughts into these sonnets Honestly we are the farthest ahead of all of these artless Pseudo rapping targets who claim that they are the hardest But really, we are the heartless RezErected from the darkest Dingy fucking areas of all these places we had started So don't give us no bullshit about knowing our department Keep it zipped shut, before you're zipped up as a carcass And this is my life choice, it' suffices as the right choice For me to say what I feel and you to like my voice My advice for you is try when you feeling like you could die The darkest night will come before the brightest day and that's no lie So keep your head up, when you're fed up with the bullshit When they go to shoot you down you bounce back with the full clip And on the real hope it all treats you well No matter what we feel all these hounds go to hell Keenote: I count my bong hits How many hours makes it a long trip? If the fog's think I think only of the small shit The car's fixed, but the driver is a bit nostalgic Every pit stop he has to pour some out for the fallen The code's not letting me in I tried threatening it Codependency is remembering what was once Not what is A double front. A mask to kids Mastership of ample tricks Don't dance with him His moves are fixed Go move your chips He'll use um quick Crude with quips And maybe baby is some sort of masochist I harassed her wit She loved my sick, twisted way of viewing shit The loop will play You'll boo or sway My crew decays your king Fuck every king. They fuck everything But what the fuck does that mean? Dead your ego, set you free Have no destiny. No one has a soul. A mind is all that you'll receive The only resurrection happening is with my team All hounds go to hell, till the devil sets them free. JJ: We’re all dust If you look at life in a bigger picture. Regardless of your stardom Or your synthetic figure. It’s all love fammo Fuck with this organic elixir It’s known to fix her. Keep your nose on the grind Not just the illicit powders. All hounds go to hell or so I’ve been told lately. I flipped my whole world on it’s head Luckily this music here saved me. You’re slowly fading. And now we have been fully exposed RezErected it’s starting to show. Rising up from the flames, buried in the snow. I thought that I’d know by now, But of course this isn’t perfect. Caught with a grown man’s frown Face of a clown it still seems I deserved it. I think I’m nervous. Impervious to a new found purpose. Still just a burden on the surface seeming nerveless. These paid dues aren’t purchased so hold open the curtains While we burn these over selfish, self serving, servants. Best believe I am the serpent. You remain a Captain Ahab Salty sinking as I’m thinking is right to watch you drown?
Oceanic 04:56
Keenote: While you talked about the sky I added why it's blue Why the ocean gets to choose Even leaves don't leave for too, Long infused with flattery My sharpened teeth through chattering Has landed me skin deep in meat, I choose. I chewed. I knew what blood tastes like But yours would make me drool If I had a pen it'd be a masterpiece I drew But I speak my pictures through my words And a painting takes a lot of um A tired one A hired gun should come and violently Show him how it's done in fact his home has got so quiet he'd Know his time has come Probably never hear a siren scream You're falling on your blade if you think you can take more privacy You've always been awake But the rest could kill anxiety You've always been away And in a way that help But if need be lie to me and find the peace within yourself Rely on me if my reply could keep this shelved So high and out of reach I ride it out to sea (see) A lion (lying) mouth can't feast when not allowed (aloud) to speak Keep drowning me Foreshadow: I’m sinking quicker, I’m drowning slowly will i feel the bottom I’m drinking liquor, I’m smoking ozs to kill the problem I fall awake quicker then i can fall asleep now If you’d tear apart your chest maybe you could feel how My tears fall and you’ve always been there to catch them you always told me that you’d always be my best friend distance is consistent you’re telling me that it’s relevant I tell you i just like to dream for the hell of it So i fall deeper inside my dreams i’m a sleeper You shake me to wake me up to reality all these people Around me look at me like i don’t fit in because i don’t So I tell myself I’m different it’s whatever floats the boat So hold, so hold on As we sink quickly, and drown slowly You think you know me but I don’t know me, just be my homie the ones before you were never lonely like we were lonely So hold my hand and let us sink quickly, drown slowly JJ: I paint her in the clouds Where we pretend we can’t be found. Her fingertips surround my fragile face And then I drown in a sea of emotions. Caught in an endless motion. So devoted to the fact I didn’t know What it meant to feel alive. I’ve died a thousand times Tend to find life in your eyes. Still image on the canvas but The canvas can’t instill light inside. Just a flickering star burning out Before it starts to give direction. Infected, reckless, stressed. No please don’t wreck this Masterpiece turns disaster in about a week’s time. It got back to me that you were wallowing in lies. Turning hate into sour grapes Laughing at my face as I’d sip slow. Been running in place standing still Still nowhere to go. Perfect what perspective can place inside of you. Principle portrays what is human. What is truth? My picture decays, the rain is everlasting. It fits her to say I’m not insane just finally happy now.


An album 3 years in the making has finally reached it's maturity. When the first version was lost in a tragic house fire 3 years prior, the Codependents had no choice but to begin building from the ground up. In that time their individual skill sets, styles, and interests evolved. The product of this incubation was a new, fully-realized, and cohesive project that can be proudly presented to their patient audience, as well as the rest of the world. This album will truly be a "rezerection."


released April 29, 2016

All tracks produced by Shadow Devereaux besides "Pieces" (prod. Surebert), and "Snow" (prod. Maulskull)

Additional guitar on "Oceanic" by Zach Jurcich

All lyrics written by Shadow Devereaux, Keenan Nerby, Justin Evans, and Riley Roberts

Album cover shot by Logan Kruse

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Shadow Devereaux at Rezerected Records studio

Released via Crushkill Recordings


all rights reserved



Micheal Larsen St Paul, Minnesota

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