Torch WITH Ceschi and Esh

from by Seez Mics

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Ceschi Ramos is the co-founder of the legendary indie-rap label Fake Four. His success is certainly attributable to his tireless hustle and immense talent, but mainly to the insatiable drive of his heart. I’ll always get a kick out of our first meeting, when I nervously approached one of my favorite MCs only to have him say, “I know who you are. I’m a big fan.”

Esh is the rare breed of MC who combines precise technical skill, humor, and substance in his raps. His project "Loop Minded Individuals" features an appearance from yours truly and was a major influence on my decision to undertake a project with so many other MCs.


Seez Mics:
I never judge a book by its cover up
Or swallow so much pride, I need my stomach pumped
So from the front that you back with the subtle scuttlebutt
Buttercup, I can only assume that you would run amok
Sum it up, corner to globe- at a quarter to Cole
I quartered my soul at the fork in the road
Better half, dot dot dash remorse in the code
Let em laugh like it's not that bad, absorbing the blow
The more that you know, ignorance is blistering, real advice
Bring it to you live til they kill the lights
Bipolar lower to the thrill of heights
Got me feeling like I brought a calculator to a pillow fight
Your bill of rights’re snide comments and fake smiles
I got side projects and WAV files
It ain't like me and god share the same tile
But by the time I saw 8 mile, I was on my eighth style

This could really take a while….
I'll put em in a lake of fire..or if I'm feeling friendly maybe Salem style trial.
They can't hang though.
They're tangled in tame flows.
I'll mangle these lame bros with their painfully plain prose.
No feasting on the pieces of weaklings deceitfully claiming to be peaking but are beneath me.
Sorry to burst bubbles or hurt feelings…
believe me….this world's a beast - it'll eat you while critiquing.
Out there it's a blitzkrieg of concrete feet dropping quicker and deeper than where fish sleep.
It's gotta be a preposterous parting treat when your body's tossed in the sea, only caught by a bed of coral reef.
Now your flesh will only be a tender delicacy for schools of blind swimmers nibbling at your meat.
All apologies.
Cobain couldn't even comprehend the awful pain that this is causing me.

I'll never be the king, don't pretend I'm Elvis
Even though I'm smoother than a Ken Doll's pelvis
Now you and all your men's all jealous
Cuz ya feeling my shit like, "what is this? Velvet?"
I always tell it how I see it
Only learned to swim when I fell into the deep end
Working to relieve the workers working for the weekend
Working on myself because I never want to be them
You know, cubicle suit-monkey
Won't walk a mile in that shoe if it's too funky
The truth is, I'd rather be busting with two junkies
Then pan handling for that Canada Goose money
Is it funny or just a cruel joke?
If you've got spirit then bust a move, loc
Spend everyday trying to do what you don't
You take the yacht I'll take the harbor - cool boat


from WITH, released February 17, 2017
Verse 1: Seez Mics (Fuwwy Music, ASCAP)

Verse 2: Ceschi (Fake Four Music, ASCAP)

Verse 3: Esh (Monolith Music, ASCAP)

Beat by Scott Kuzner
Cuts by DJ Addikt



all rights reserved