Float Away WITH Adeem and Big SLOP

from by Seez Mics

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Adeem is an MC who I held in such high-esteem before we met that I'm still charmed by our friendship. His skill set is, to put it mildly, dynamic: he was the first two-time Scribble Jam MC battle champ, his discography is as thorough as it is expansive, and his live show... well, I've seen him get 500 people to walk in a circle around him rapping on a park bench.

Big SLOP is a dynamic MC who has been rocking the DMV for years as the front man for live bands as well as a stand-alone MC. We began to cross paths in the early '00's, became fans of each others music, and shared dozens of stages while commiserating about the woes of being a Bullets fan.


Seez Mics:
My brain had a big bang, expanding while it melts
Throughout a universe that understands how it felt
I flew through the galaxy and landed on the shelf
Where I floated to the surface before standing by myself
Planets like myself don’t pretend that we’re stars
We revolve and evolve in our heads and our hearts
I’m glad we got common ground in Kendrick Lamar
But my atmospheric pressure’ll leave you mentally scarred
Now your friends at the bar might not tell you that you’re derivative
Indicative of hypocrites, gravity’s illegitimate
Wing and a prayer, an atheist Icarus
Waxing poetic on our geometric differences
Picture this with a man made telescope:
Idiots are buying fear, geniuses are selling hope
Since my heavenly bodies are hella dope
When they ask how I cope, I tell em: float

I’ve been standing in a one man circle
counting all the ways that tomorrow’s gonna hurt you
the past passed by in the blink of an eye
so I readjusted my sight and wore the shoes of the blind
funny how different a gimmick looks from afar
when you’re super hot but not cold enough to be a star
cars pass by you hear the subs rumble through
forget about the future it’s just a fictional truth
But if I’m honest about my love for the nonsense
I can build something better better amaze and astonish
floating through a river moving through the city’s conscience
rooted in the knowledge that peace brings progress
Until then I’ll be sky bound with a crack in my crown
A disciple of breaks Bambaataa found
Wading in a lexicon of long gone style
Nobody hold me down I wanna rise for awhile

Spinning through reality, mind at home still
Trying to pay my life debts with these Chrome Bills
The cost of life's commerce is more than just a payment
Got me standing in the sunshine, but feeling like its rainin'
No clouds in the sky but I feel 'em in my heart
The egocentric worries of a wannabe star
I got dreams and best believe I wanna go far
Wondering should I just join my friends at the bar
And Drink Away The Pain and maybe cause some Havoc
Or boots to the ground and start to get some traction
Thinking what are life's pursuits without some passion?
Is it possible controlling outcomes solely through your actions?
Thrashing through the waves, but I'm chilling in the current
The levity of gravity my only known deterrent
The lines of my reality steady stay blurring
At the end of my rope, I let go... I float


from WITH, released February 17, 2017
Verse 1: Seez Mics (Fuwwy Music, ASCAP)

Verse 2: Adeem (Nice Guy Gospel Hymns, ASCAP)

Verse 3: Big SLOP appears courtesy of Broken Hearted Bullets Fans

Beat by Scott Kuzner.



all rights reserved