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by Seez Mics

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bengemm This is a wonderfully constructed album by Seez Mics. The beats flow smoothly alongside the next level lyricism Seez is known for. This album has a ton of talented featured artists who give this album a wide variety of styles. This is a great album to sit back and relax to. Enjoy! Favorite track: Float Away WITH Adeem and Big SLOP.
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Seez Mics: I don’t wanna sit and stare at a spreadsheet That is telling me humanity is dead meat My kind of fun is solitary and stress free Refilling the tank when my empathy is empty Friends see it all- the good and the bad So when I‘m bad at being good, it’s for the good of the math Add the energy you have, put a foot on the path Before judging another’s smile as too crooked to laugh Mistook it for wrath, the lesson was one of benevolence discovering elements Of surprise, surprise- we’re all under development Hate to say I told you so for the love of intelligence None of it’s relevant, so listen up We all drink the same water, just from different cups A cigarette’s the only time I’m kissing butts Cause I know my way around every nip and tuck, zip it shut Uptown XO: I don't wanna sit and stare at the city streets I need a outlet ..a plug it's 10 degrees My heart will freeze if I go below zero So whenever I see doe I docie doe Stability is required for manhood Didn't understand the mechanics until I lifted up my damn hood Fuck materialism that isn't him you or me And killing your brother for nothing doesn't make you a G I talk to God everyday he created you and me The planets and stars are organized Today I thought of lines to make The sourt of lime light to over ride Any team I'm the coach of mine Approach the mic with a cultured mind Here to take the game into overtime Like Jordan 23 or 45 With the truth I'm flashy like Nas I'm nasty I tell em perseverance what got me here when they ask me Kokayi: I don't wanna sit and stare at a sketched piece Mugshot slug shots now he resting Blood shot eye water no jet stream The purge of further murder his mother utters the next thing Jah bless em cuz he nah wan tessem (test em) Now he peeking from the urn top a beech wood dresser but she preached good lessons Yet he heed no warnings but got inspired by the choir every Sunday morning Lawd (lord) please save em she beseeching Betwixt her grieving amidst relieving the third shift at the shipping and receiving Juxtaposed to his growing greed and packages he stuck both his feet in good til the product ain't a factor but his math was misleading so his path lack the crumbs of bread to lead em back now she howling at the sky with a tear stuck to her lashes a quarter moon amidst the stars as the waves keep crashing, so...
Seez Mics: Another morning of what is and what’s not said Complicated by the chemical cobwebs She’s pushing buttons cause she knows I’m a hot head I’m refusing to respond, our stubbornness in lock step The nonsense of a communication breakdown Between children on the human race’s playground Darken the skies with accumulating rain clouds And the torch of pride can illuminate the ways out I choose to wait now, don’t dare pursue it farther I’d rather bare my soul than have to wear a suit of armor Or be the fairy tale therapeutic charmer Just hold myself accountable for where we move as partners There the truth is hardest, gotta learn how to fight Without the foolish torch of pride burning too bright Day became night in the circle of life We got home from work, kissed and made up, the turned out the light Priest Da Nomad: Priest Da Nomad, I was fresh out the crib Lookin smooth on a calm day Pushin my jont down the BW parkway By 410, with my hype ass, pumpin beats out the truck Rhymin, lights flash now they rollin up on me I’m thinkin “Damn slim what the hell they want with me man?” We already late to the gig, my dude puffin on a cig We nervous as hell dawg, and we ain’t done nothing But when you look like me, wrong words, and they blow your stuffin All over your baby’s car seat, cerebellum like cherry slurpee They ask for my license and I can see they wanna hurt me “Two men robbed a Suntrust! They’re black in a black truck!” Dawg! How many black dudes you see driving a black truck?! Gotta be 50% around here, Escalades to Mountaineers My boy said, “Keep it Cool Priest!” out of fear “Never mind sir. It seems we got the wrong guys.” Clearly! Dude thank God they didn’t try to Tamir me! I had to keep.. K-Cromozone: Start the day, like I'm tracking the start date Of my heart rate; as we embark on the Stargate Accelerates as we elevate You can't telestrate development as it comes.... So let's take a sec to step back: true A good playlist can put you in the right mood My mood is karma; mood swing is unspoken Unheard one word one motion The ebb and flow is the ocean So I don't ride the wave of emotion I took a crash course in coping From that bum living on the platform at Fulton And took the time to breathe out live a little slower like an off-season beach town We found, if you swallow your pride and follow in stride, Every missed shot has a rebound
Seez Mics: I don’t break habits by wearing straight-jackets And let’s be honest: I’m not exactly a babe magnet I just stay rappin, I display passion I’m amazed so many of you will age backwards And pay taxes on your stick in the mud Before hitting rock bottom with a sickening thud I keep – banging away til the stone’s dripping in blood And any seed of doubt gets nipped in the bud What? Spit for the love, that’s one answer When questioning the purpose of seeing no funds transfer I mean that other stuff, peace to Doug Stamper Don’t swallow their hot air, it’ll give you lung cancer Run Prancer, Santa’s gotta kiss god’s ass To keep the Kardashians on task Heaven and hell only exist for the contrast Please subscribe to the Chrome Bills podcast Napoleon Da Legend: Plugged in the matrix every plug shameless When the Bucks came in everything I touch famous Dub tapes to club bangers using rough language Nuff anguish to create a buzz like drug sandwich It's iTunes and bandcamp YouTube and tidal New tunes'll make u wanna kill yourself suicidal / when Art and money mix you hear a lot of funny shit Raise the rug up and sweep all of the bull up under it Understandable smooth we eating cannibal food / You too robotic can't adapt too mechanical when you move I'm promoters dream / demote yo team when I perform a scene Getting that Gorgonzola cheese when I record a scheme Let the Killa orca breath make a scene make it seem normal make it Seem like I'm making cream off it I saw it I envisioned it often now im living it So hit the link ASAP get ya subscription in Wax: How could you not be a subscriber, speaking such fire Keeping ya in line til I freaking retire Me and MacGyver are similar people Turning nothing into something that's considerably lethal Now that's an old reference, but the analogy stands And you'll never snatch this microphone up out of these hands Whether rapping... or podcasting... Or at karaoke night fucking up Janet Jackson My podcast improv, no note pads As for now, the shit ain't got no ads But I might change up on you bitches Sell out- to dollar shave club on you bitches I gets downloads, but not a crazy amount I hope this shit goes up like it's my savings account But mostly I just want ya'll to vibe Be safe out there, and please subscribe.
Seez Mics: I never judge a book by its cover up Or swallow so much pride, I need my stomach pumped So from the front that you back with the subtle scuttlebutt Buttercup, I can only assume that you would run amok Sum it up, corner to globe- at a quarter to Cole I quartered my soul at the fork in the road Better half, dot dot dash remorse in the code Let em laugh like it's not that bad, absorbing the blow The more that you know, ignorance is blistering, real advice Bring it to you live til they kill the lights Bipolar lower to the thrill of heights Got me feeling like I brought a calculator to a pillow fight Your bill of rights’re snide comments and fake smiles I got side projects and WAV files It ain't like me and god share the same tile But by the time I saw 8 mile, I was on my eighth style Ceschi: This could really take a while…. I'll put em in a lake of fire..or if I'm feeling friendly maybe Salem style trial. They can't hang though. They're tangled in tame flows. I'll mangle these lame bros with their painfully plain prose. No feasting on the pieces of weaklings deceitfully claiming to be peaking but are beneath me. Sorry to burst bubbles or hurt feelings… believe me….this world's a beast - it'll eat you while critiquing. Out there it's a blitzkrieg of concrete feet dropping quicker and deeper than where fish sleep. It's gotta be a preposterous parting treat when your body's tossed in the sea, only caught by a bed of coral reef. Now your flesh will only be a tender delicacy for schools of blind swimmers nibbling at your meat. All apologies. Cobain couldn't even comprehend the awful pain that this is causing me. Esh: I'll never be the king, don't pretend I'm Elvis Even though I'm smoother than a Ken Doll's pelvis Now you and all your men's all jealous Cuz ya feeling my shit like, "what is this? Velvet?" I always tell it how I see it Only learned to swim when I fell into the deep end Working to relieve the workers working for the weekend Working on myself because I never want to be them You know, cubicle suit-monkey Won't walk a mile in that shoe if it's too funky The truth is, I'd rather be busting with two junkies Then pan handling for that Canada Goose money Is it funny or just a cruel joke? If you've got spirit then bust a move, loc Spend everyday trying to do what you don't You take the yacht I'll take the harbor - cool boat
Seez Mics: My brain had a big bang, expanding while it melts Throughout a universe that understands how it felt I flew through the galaxy and landed on the shelf Where I floated to the surface before standing by myself Planets like myself don’t pretend that we’re stars We revolve and evolve in our heads and our hearts I’m glad we got common ground in Kendrick Lamar But my atmospheric pressure’ll leave you mentally scarred Now your friends at the bar might not tell you that you’re derivative Indicative of hypocrites, gravity’s illegitimate Wing and a prayer, an atheist Icarus Waxing poetic on our geometric differences Picture this with a man made telescope: Idiots are buying fear, geniuses are selling hope Since my heavenly bodies are hella dope When they ask how I cope, I tell em: float Adeem: I’ve been standing in a one man circle counting all the ways that tomorrow’s gonna hurt you the past passed by in the blink of an eye so I readjusted my sight and wore the shoes of the blind funny how different a gimmick looks from afar when you’re super hot but not cold enough to be a star cars pass by you hear the subs rumble through forget about the future it’s just a fictional truth But if I’m honest about my love for the nonsense I can build something better better amaze and astonish floating through a river moving through the city’s conscience rooted in the knowledge that peace brings progress Until then I’ll be sky bound with a crack in my crown A disciple of breaks Bambaataa found Wading in a lexicon of long gone style Nobody hold me down I wanna rise for awhile Big SLOP: Spinning through reality, mind at home still Trying to pay my life debts with these Chrome Bills The cost of life's commerce is more than just a payment Got me standing in the sunshine, but feeling like its rainin' No clouds in the sky but I feel 'em in my heart The egocentric worries of a wannabe star I got dreams and best believe I wanna go far Wondering should I just join my friends at the bar And Drink Away The Pain and maybe cause some Havoc Or boots to the ground and start to get some traction Thinking what are life's pursuits without some passion? Is it possible controlling outcomes solely through your actions? Thrashing through the waves, but I'm chilling in the current The levity of gravity my only known deterrent The lines of my reality steady stay blurring At the end of my rope, I let go... I float
Seez Mics: She’s the type to giggle when you let her Get away with murder when delivering the pressure Measure: his and hers forever Or temporarily a prisoners’ dilemma The minute I remember that I’m owed an apology I forget: I wrote an anthology A digital trail of broken philosophy All on account of I hope she don’t follow me Open throat policy: swallow your pride You’re thick where it counts, but hollow inside Maybe it’s pheromones, call it a vibe But I’m seeing through the peek-a-boo walls where she hides Fall from the sky, a beautiful mess But all I see is ugliness due to the stress Maybe one day I’ll be immune to her hex Until then, I guess I’m just someone new to impress Navi: Uhh. To clarify my pair of eyes Caught mid-stare amidst air and time, There in line, through miles worth of crowd. You were certainly endowed. Saw you flipping Foucault with a furrow in your brow. I said ‘wow’ in an inside voice, a choice unfold: Impossible talk points? implausible goals? Although, I’ve been told fortune favor the bold, Bold’s a neighbor to a dangerous and lecherous road. And me, I hate that we paved it so you keep a tally of which alleys you avoid and which escapes you’ve scoped. Sudden situation hinging on a trepidation. A cat-call's a construct of a perilously feral nation. So now, I’m frozen. I was going in on insecurities And by association, my maturity, when - whoops Forgot to stop staring your way. I’ll pick it up but thanks for now for how you’re bearing the weight Ardamus: Who brings the truth and provides the lies Our back and forths go side to side Talk show hosts that you idolize Say its none of my biz, when you privatize Online, you say that I'm more than mean When we fight, I post up a Jordan meme [it was just a joke!] And some days the hearts action will sign a peace treaty that's on a bar napkin BUT I recall details to head I asked for your number, email instead BUT It was love, it must be then Plus, you fought about me with your ugly friend BUT We broke up, and now, yeah, we're off of that No hugs, just hi, and awkward dap [ah, c'mon, don't leave me hangin'] So we do a cool shuffle We're not the right piece so we get a new puzzle LIKE.....
Seez: Ready on the right, I’m a semi-sane southpaw Traveling light with baby wipes and mouthwash On the up and up since the Cruel Fuel downfall When the voices in my head were organizing a town hall Profound flaws, maybe I’m born cynical But seeing suckers get signed’s making me more cynical Bunch of bench warmers fronting like floor generals A war criminal, my battle scars absorb minerals I’ve morphed into two people I’ve gotta reconcile One is happy go lucky and one’ll never smile Cognitive dissonance, position is I’ve read the file We’re all kinda crazy, the difference: I got a better style Bless the child who can write their own fresh start No need for loose leaf, we’ll use your mom’s stretch marks When in Rome, be certain who your friends are Ain’t enough Kevlar to protect you from my Death Star Dood Computer: The difference between us is you say you're on your grizzly But I'll tame a wild kodiak and ride it like a 10 speed Rocking a bed sheet, that toga party couture The origin of every story that you thought was folklore And folks, you're enjoying the illest to ever do it Gorillas that's under the influence of gin fluid And been using a pen to put a muzzle on cats It's got a big bark, but bite off of my dogs when they rap So- scrap the session you saying that you were blessing And get stuck for every cent that you were planning on investing Cause I'm putting epinephrine in an epi pen, injecting it In every vein available from pupils to the rectum And then cracking skulls like there the eggs I had for breakfast You're more than welcome to test if you thinking you got a death wish You want that next shit? It's the same as your last meal Just rearranged a little bit and stinky as hell, pew Dezmatic: Fuck Eric Hosmer AND chase utley get stomped at a Terror concert My joints get more run than a pair of converse More beef than the people under the stairs at Bomber's You'll get sonned like Sarah Connor It's unfair it's bonkers how I'm compared to sub-saharan thermometers... Shit is hot Your squad took the stage we didn't watch I'm sending shots to you little lemon drops Still gotta couple unsettled debts to squash Whether the shit was ever said in jest or not I guess whatever's deaded's better left to rot I'm feelin sentimental maybe we should battle tho Nah, you're better off buckin yourself Plaxico Hoe ass rappers half steppin like a fractured toe, how apropos, yo
Saint Sinner 03:21
(intro) Getting off here on my way to being on one Finding my short fuse foolish in the long run Just a brunette hoping to have a little blond fun So when the swamp things treat me like pond scum C’mon son- don’t get slapped by father I been a bloody stone since I tapped my water You’re a full time past life martyr Treating the beat like a half life partner Trapped by karma- forced to meet the demands A compromised mission that don’t agree with your plans No more beach to the sand by sleeping with fans I’m busy decalcifying my pineal gland Breathe and expand, allow me to solve problems Though I’m surrounded by pagans and hobgoblins Focus your fear on Stoli and stock options I’d rather reanimate by reading Tom Robbins Never clock watching, I stay squeezing 65 Multiplied by the counter culture’s big divide Pick a side, plenty of room to risk your lives Dignified by your response to which dick you ride It gets you high as it would a lowly plate spinner I’m licking em clean, don’t even have to make dinner For the straight spitters, for the crate diggers: Seez Mics, my life as Saint Sinner These choices I'm making Are making Me Seez Mics, my life as Saint Sinner The paradox we call reality: duality It knows no man made boundary No religion, no gender, no race Political affiliation or nationality A personality divided in two Does it narrow your perspective: the sky’s always blue Or broaden your horizon: admire the view You see, the virus inside us is bias, and when you try to remove The outer shell of your inner troubles All you find are smaller pieces of a bigger puzzle To put it all together’s always been a struggle The Saint Sinner hustle: balanced by the opposites The rich and poor are the poor and rich The good evil are the evil and good In this life of contradiction, the most You can ask for’s to be understood Understand: the oldest trick in the book Will become the newest vice in the streets Double cross when you give em the hook, vic and the crook Man child with spikes in my feet, cypher complete Fighting for peace armed with lead paint thinner Even when hope is only a faint glimmer For the shape shifters, for the brain twisters Seez Mics, my life as Saint Sinner These choices I'm making Are making Me Seez Mics, my life as Saint Sinner


Over the course of my career, I have been fortunate to cross paths WITH dozens of like-minded artists who inspire me both creatively and personally.

Collaborating WITH each of them feels like a must, but there are only so many hours before the coffin closes or the ashes are scattered.

One such artist is producer and engineer Scott Kuzner. I have worked WITH Scott on several projects since we first met in the late 90's. Most recently, he mixed and mastered my 2014 Crushkill Recordings release "Cruel Fuel" and then sent me a stockpile of beats to continue the creative momentum from that album.

Once I began writing to these beats, I noticed a pattern: I would develop a hook and one verse that meshed perfectly WITH the beat's vibe and cadence, but I'd also want to hear how another MC's voice and perspective would flesh out the concept I'd created.

Around the same time, I was building WITH Adeem about doing a song together. I sent him a demo of what eventually became "Float Away" and I was floored by what he did WITH both the hook and the concept. I started thinking... if one MC was able to add a such a unique dynamic to the song... and I have a wishlist of collaborators... and the traditional rap song has three 16 bar verses... why not make an entire album of myself WITH two other MCs on each song?

Several hundred emails, texts, and phone calls later, I present the first of what I hope will be many installments in the WITH serial. Peace to Crushkill Recordings for the label support, Lauren Yates for the artwork, and all of the artists who lent their time and talent to this project.

Also, I'll have lunch WITH anyone who notices the one rhyme scheme I use for all of my verses. You're paying, though.


released February 17, 2017

All lyrics by Seez Mics (Fuwwy Music, ASCAP) and the two MCs on each song.
All beats by Scott Kuzner.
Scratches on "Torch" by DJ Addikt.
Artwork by Lauren Gere.
Label support by Crushkill Recordings.


all rights reserved



Micheal Larsen St Paul, Minnesota

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